Introduction to Visits [Legacy]


Visits are an ever important part of ministering to a congregation. Whether it is a visit to the hospital to encourage or provide communion to an ailing member or stopping in to provide council to a family, Shepherd’s Staff can help organize your schedule, and record important notes and details for further reference.

When a member of the congregation or the ministry staff visits a member or a friend of the church, you can keep a record of that visit. Visits is the place to record the who, what, where, why and when for each visit. You can use this information to keep better records about your visits, and the ministry results.

There are two types of Visits, Household and People. Household Visits can be used when the family is being visited as a unit, while People Visits record visitation with individuals. The Visits Grid will show Household Visits by default. To view Person Visits, click on the option button for Person Visits.

Visit information may be considered confidential so you must be given access to Visits by the System Administrator through User Security.

  1. To access Visits from the menu bar, click on Records, then Visits, and Add / Edit Visits. You can also click the icon on the toolbar.
  2. To Add a Visit, first choose either Household or Person Visit, then click Add.
  3. After clicking Add (Household Visit, for example), just find the Household from the drop list, fill in the Date, and choose a Type of Visit. The Type of Visit drop list will contain values added by Shepherd’s Staff. New values can be easily added or deleted on the drop list.
  4. The fields for Visited By, Summary and Time are not required, but are areas that can be filled in to thoroughly complete the record.


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