Introduction to Activities, Skills, and Training [legacy]


Your church is filled with talented people involved in several activities within the church. In fact, your people likely have so many talents and activities that it becomes very difficult to keep track of them. For this reason Shepherd’s Staff includes a dedicated space within your database for keeping track of Activities, Skills, and Training (AST).

Each of these items has its own tab underneath the AST Grid and the People Grid. Each one of these types (Activities, Skills, and Training) is entered and managed using the same techniques. For our purposes, we will focus specifically on activities, with the understanding that skills and training work the same way.

Within this section we will show you how to add one record to one individual, multiple records to one individual, and one record to multiple individuals. We will show you each of these methods, starting with how to add one record to one individual.

Adding One Record to One Individual Person

  1. Activities, Skills, and Training can be entered for an individual by either going to the AST Grid or the People Grid. By entering an activity from the People Grid, the person’s name will already be filled in for you, which is a nice benefit. We will show that method:
  2. From the People Grid, select the person for whom you want to add the activity. Click the Activities tab at the top of the grid.
  3. From the Activities tab, activities can be added, edited, or deleted. To add a single Activity, click Add.
  4. Choose the Activity and enter the Participation (Present, Experience, or Interest). Additional non-required fields for Office and Begin and End Dates can be entered here as well.
  5. Click “OK” to finish adding the activity.



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