Tracking School Grades


Both School and Sunday School grades are tracked for each individual on their Person record.

The School information is found under the Work/School tab of the Person record. There are three fields that help track a person’s school information:

» Education Level—This field allows you to have a general description of what Education Level this person is in. You can even use it to just say someone is “In School.”

» Current School—Here is where you can put in which school this person attends. This option field starts out with no defaults since almost every church will have a different set of local schools.

» Grade—This is the field you keep the person’s grade level in. Shepherd’s Staff has provided default options for this field that look like “S01 First Grade.” When you initially add a person to the database, if a birthday of a child is keyed in, Shepherd’s Staff will automatically assign the child a Grade. The Grade is assigned based on the School Cut Off Date found in the Main Menu Utilities, under Settings and the Membership tab.

The Sunday School information is kept under the Church tab of the Person record. There are two fields that help track a person’s Sunday school information:

» Sunday School Grade—You can find this field within the Involvement box. Similar to the School Grade, Shepherd’s Staff has provided default options for this field.

» Section—This is an additional field you can use with their grades. It was designed for the situation where you have multiple classes of the same grade. So if you had two different fourth grade Sunday school classes you could set all the fourth graders to “S04 Fourth Grade” and then distinguish the two different classes by using section “1” and “2.”

Note: It’s recommended that you use these defaults but this field is an option field, meaning you can add and remove options if you so choose. If you decide to change these options, you may no longer be able to use the Promote Students utility.



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