Moving out of a Household


Sometimes a situation arises in which someone moves out of a household into another household such as a child leaving a parent’s household for their own. If the person is moving to a new Household, that Household record must be created first before moving the person.

Note: Do not duplicate Household or People records as problems are created when a database has two Person records representing the same person.

In order to correctly perform this task you need to use the Move button located within the People Grid.

  1. Start by choosing Records from the menu bar, then People, then Grid.
  2. Next, highlight the Person you want to move.
  3. Then click the Move button at the bottom of the grid.
  4. Use the drop list to select the correct Household for the person, then click OK.
  5. At this point, you may get a question about Head of Household. Choose the appropriate answer for that particular household.
  6. After the move is complete, make sure to correct any other fields that may have changed (like Marital Status, Family Relationship, Household Labels, etc.) in both the person’s previous household and their current household.

Note: All Attendance and Contribution records will move with the Person.


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