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The Other tab contains the nine user-defined fields used for Person records. These fields can be renamed (customized) to measure personal information desired specifically by the church.

Shepherd’s Staff contains a wealth of fields pertaining to an individual. Sometimes there is information that the church wants to put in, for example Emergency Contact or Health Concerns, that is not a part of the program. To remedy this, Shepherd’s Staff contains fields that can be renamed or customized so this type of information can be keyed in. Likewise, since the information is in a field (as opposed to a Note), subgroups can be created from the information in the field. 

Once the information on the Person record has been entered, click OK to save and close the record.

In order to change the names of these fields you will need to go to the opening page for Shepherd’s Staff, select Utilities, and then choose Settings.

  1. In Settings you will choose the tab called Field Names.
  2. Choose the Field Name you want to change from the drop-down box.
  3. Now type what you want the field to be named in the Change To box.
  4. Click Accept to make the change.



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