Contact Tab


The Contact tab contains the person’s contact information including their household address, any alternate addresses they may have, their phone numbers, and their email addresses.

The HH in Effect address is the address that is currently active in the Household record.

Important: If you want to make changes to this address, it is recommended that you do that on the Household record.

There are three different fields for phone numbers and emails. The phone number grid contains only the primary landline number for the household. Cell phone and work phone numbers should be entered in their individual fields to the right of the primary grid.

Similarly, the household email is only for contacting the household as a whole and should only be changed from the Household record. The personal and work email fields should be used just for those emails so that when you run reports and directories, the information is relevant.

If you need to know what a specific field is for, press F1 on your keyboard.

The Contact tab will display the Household Address, as noted by “HH in Effect.” Alternate addresses may be keyed in by clicking on the Alternate 1 button (for college students, soldiers, temporary missionaries, etc.). Just like the Household address, a Begin Use and End Use date must be keyed in for an Alternate Address (and marked Recurring if the Alternate Address is going to be used for the next year).

The Person Alternate Address should only be used when an individual, as opposed to the entire Household, uses a different address.

Note: A Dynamic Subgroup can be made for everyone with an Alternate Address by using the field PERSON ALTERNATE ADDRESS and the range operator NOT BLANK.


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