Church Tab [Legacy]


The Church tab contains the person’s church-related information including their membership, important dates, involvement within the church, and even the person’s envelope number. Apart from the blue fields, there are a couple of other fields that are important to the software. These fields are Sequence, Member / Non-Member, and Participation. The Sequence field tells us if the person is the head of household, a spouse, a child, or other.

Note: The envelope number can only be edited from this page during the adding process. It cannot be changed when editing a person. In that case the person’s number would need to be added or edited through the Contributions module.

If you have a specific question about a Person record field, press F1 on your keyboard. 

Some of these fields were already filled in if you followed the steps on Adding a Person. 

If you mark someone as received by Baptism or Confirmation, Shepherd’s Staff checks the appropriate box to the right (Baptized or Confirmed), saving you a click. 

In addition, If you add a new person who was received by Baptism or Confirmation, the associated date will fill in with the date on which the person was received. 

One important field you will want to keep up to date is the Participation field. We all want to know who is currently active in our church and this field is a way to track that.


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