Contact Tab


The Contact tab contains the Address Fields, Phone Numbers and Email address for the Household as a group. The Primary Address is a required field and must be entered to complete the Household record.

Note: We understand that there are times you do not have a household’s current address. In this case we recommend clicking the Address Unknown button to enter consistent “unknown” data into your software.

If the Household sometimes uses a different address (snowbirds, for example), click on the Alternate 1 button and key in the Alternate Address. These alternate addresses require Begin Use and End Use dates so that the software knows when to use these addresses. If this household relocates every year during the same time, make sure to click on “Repeats Annually” so you can take advantage of Shepherd Staff’s “Renew Expired Information” utility which is covered in the Advanced Membership Manual.

The Household Email Address is for an email that is pertinent to the entire household. This could be a household email that all family members can use or it could be the address of the church’s “contact” person within that family.

A Primary Household Phone Number can also be entered on this tab. This field is normally used for a landline phone number that is used for the entire household. Cell and work phone numbers should be entered on the individual Person Records as there are specific fields designated for those numbers.



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