Gifts-in-Kind Acknowledgement


After a contributor gives a donation, they will need either a written acknowledgement at the time of giving or a statement at the end of the year.

The ability to generate Gifts-in-Kind acknowledgements is included within the Statements and Mailing Labels Report.

  1. Click “Reports” in the top menu.
  2. Select “Statements and Mailing Labels”.
  3. In the “What” box, under “Statements or Labels”, choose “Gifts-in-Kind Acknowledgements”.
  4. If this is an acknowledgement at the time of giving, change both dates to the day the contribution was given. If this is a year-end Gifts-in-Kind Acknowledgement, set the dates to the beginning and end of the year.
  5. Continue to fill out the rest of the settings.
  6. Click “Preview” to preview the report or click “Print” to send the report directly to the printer.

For more information on setting up this report, see the article entitled “Statements and Mailing Labels”.



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