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As of November 13, 2018, the Vanco importer will no longer work with Shepherd's Staff versions 8.6 and older. This is because of a security update that Vanco implemented.



The Vanco eGiving (EFT) import utility connects to Vanco through a web service and downloads the electronic offerings given within a specified date range.

This import process protects against duplicate postings by analyzing each downloaded offering to see if it has already been posted to Contributions or is sitting in a pending offering batch waiting to be posted.

The import process also flags offerings that have problems preventing them from being posted to Contributions. Problems can include invalid fund number, unassigned EOI number, failed or rejected credit card, and “refund.” (Refunds must be processed separately at this time, as manual entries into Contributions.)

The utility creates a separate batch for each day on which an offering was given. Each batch is then printed and posted just like any other offering batch.

Important: Before you can use this import, you must set up an EFT (eGiving) account with Vanco. Vanco will provide your client ID, user ID, and password.


Here is how to use the Vanco Import utility:

  1. In the Contributions module, go to "Batches" and click "Vanco Import".
  2. Enter your Vanco Client ID and Vanco User ID.
  3. Enter the date range for which you want to retrieve offerings from Vanco. The maximum range is 180 days.
  4. Enter the password provided by Vanco. For security reasons, the password must be entered each time you open the import window; it is not saved between sessions.
  5. Click “Download”. The import utility logs into Vanco using your IDs and password, scans the offerings, and separates them into various categories. If you have selected “Automatically link envelope numbers during download”, the import tries to link any invalid envelope offerings from Vanco to a contributor in Shepherd’s Staff. It does this by comparing the EOI number from Vanco to the envelope number. If a match is found, the EOI field for that contributor is automatically updated with the Vanco number.
  6. Click “Create Batch” to create a batch for each date for the offerings that have not yet been posted or put into a batch.


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