Electronic Offering Import


The Electronic Offering Import (EOI) utility allows you to import offerings from a CSV or TXT file. These files can be created in Excel, but they need to be saved as a CSV (do not save as CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv) file type) or TXT. These files also must have the following columns:


» “Membernum” is the person’s envelope number in Shepherd’s Staff. A single giver with multiple offerings will need to have each offering listed out separately.

» “Ffundnumber” is the number of the fund the offering is going toward. This number needs to match the fund that is in Shepherd’s Staff.

» “Fdate” is the date of the offering. Having multiple dates in this column will still create a single batch.

» “Famount” is the amount of the offering.

» “Fcheck_number” is the check number (if the offering was given via check).

Here is how to import an EOI file:

  1. In Contributions, select “Batches” in the menu toolbar, then “Electronic Offering Import (E.O.I.)”.
  2. Click the “Select” button to select the file to import. This will open a file browser so you can navigate to the file and select it. When you have chosen your file, click “Open”.
  3. Click “Verify”. This will check the file for any issues. A warning message will explain any issues that are found.
  4. After the file is verified, you can create a batch, which will show up in the Offering Batch view and can be edited if needed.



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