Fix a Batch Posted to the Wrong Date


If you happen to accidentally post a Batch to the wrong date, Shepherd’s Staff gives you the ability to quickly change that date. It does this through a utility called “Fix a Batch Posted to the Wrong Date.”

Before using this (or any) utility, we want to make a backup first. For steps on making a backup go to the “Backing up Your Database” page in the front of this manual.

  1. To access this utility, go to Contributions, click on Batches in the menu bar, and choose “Fix a Batch Posted to the Wrong Date.”
  2. After confirming you have made a backup, the grid with your Batches will open.
  3. Highlight the Batch you want to change and click Continue.
  4. Next a window will come up confirming your choice of Batches. Click Yes to continue with this Batch.
  5. Type the correct date into the date field.
  6. After entering the date, click Finish.
  7. Two more windows will open confirming your choices and telling you the number of records that are being changed.
  8. Then you will get a window telling you the operation was finished.
  9. The last step is to run a “Database rebuild / optimization” located under the Main Menu utilities. You will want to make sure everyone is out of the database and Shepherd’s Staff prior to running the database rebuild.