Contributors (Assigning Envelopes)


In Shepherd’s Staff, Contributor Records are used to track and report giving for one or two individuals. In order to accomplish this, Contributor Records associate a person record from Membership with an envelope number in Contributions. Therefore, to get an envelope a person must have a person record in the Membership module (not just a household record).

Note: If a person is sharing this envelope, click on the “This is a Shared Envelope” box to enable the “Joint Contributor.” Only members of the contributor’s household (who don’t have envelopes) will show in this “Joint Contributor” drop-down list.

  1. To access the Contributor Records Grid, go to Contributions, select “Contributors” and choose “Records.” You can also click the second “C” icon on the toolbar. 
  2. You can add an envelope by clicking Add on the Contributor Records Grid.
  3. Choose which envelope number you want to give this person. If you don’t have a preference, you can use the “Next Available” or “Next Highest” buttons to assign the person a number.
  4. Then choose the person in the “Contributor” drop-down list. If you don’t see the person in this list, then they already have a number or they do not have a Person record in membership.
  5. Choose if this contributor wants their statements by paper or email. This topic is covered further on the “Emailing Statements” page.
  6. You can also choose a custom name to put on their statements. This option should only be used in unique and rare circumstances.
  7. After filling in the numbers and names, click OK to save the record. The Add Again button can be used if multiple Envelope Numbers need to be entered.


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