Grid Conventions


Almost every record you add to Shepherd’s Staff will be contained within a grid. Grids have special features that, when used, can greatly increase the user’s proficiency and speed.

The features described on this page can be used in every grid and in every module.

» Sorting Columns—Almost any column in a grid can be sorted by clicking on the column header, then the Sort button below. Also, a grid can be sorted by more than one column by clicking the columns in the order of sorting. For example, if you want all Members sorted together alphabetically, click on the Member column first, then the Last Name column, then Sort. In the example below, we are sorting the grid by First Name.

» Moving Columns—Columns can be moved to the left or right to customize the grid. Click and drag the column header to move it, then let go to put it in place. In the example below, we could move the First Name column of the People Grid from the third position to the first.

» Freezing Columns—Columns can be frozen on the grid by dragging the “freeze bar” across them. On the left side of the left hand column (Household), there is a bar about a millimeter in width. Click and drag (by holding down the left mouse button) the bar to the right, passing over two or three columns, then drop it (by letting go of the left mouse button). Now, the columns to the left of the freeze bar are frozen when you scroll to the right.

» Unlocking—Unlocking a grid allows data to be edited directly on a grid without opening the record, which saves time. To unlock a grid, click on the Unlock button in the lower right hand corner. The grid will immediately turn white and gray-colored. The gray-colored columns cannot be edited because they represent fields that are managed through other areas of the program. Note: Not all grids in Shepherd’s Staff can be unlocked.

» Export to Excel—Most grids in Shepherd’s Staff can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel® by clicking the Export to Spreadsheet button located at the lower right of the grid.



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