Tree by Other Category [Legacy]


The Trees by Other Category view allows you to quickly group your membership into some of the standard categories.

Ten trees are available from this view:
» Membership Code—Groups your people by their membership codes.
» Participation—Groups by the Participation field on their Person records.
» Sunday School Grade—Groups the people by their Sunday School grade.
» Age Group—Uses the same age groupings that are seen on the Statistics window.
» Age—Shows the people at each individual age.
» Ministry Group—Shows which people belong to each Ministry Group.
» Person Assigned—Groups the people by the Person Assigned field.
» Present Activity—Shows the people presently involved in each activity.
» Skill / Spiritual Gift—Shows people grouped by their skills/spiritual gifts.
» Training Class—Displays the training lists and the people within each list.

  1. You can access this tree by clicking Tree in the menu bar and then selecting “By Other Category.”
  2. To change the tree filters, click the drop-down box and select the desired view.
  3. When a Node is displayed with a + sign, it can be opened (by clicking on it) to display the Branch. Branches can be clicked on to access an individual’s record.
  4. Checking the “Current Members only” filter will take the removed people on the lists. People who are removed by “Death” do not show regardless of this filter.



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