First Time Visitors [Legacy]


If you selected the category “I am a 1st-time visitor,” you are presented with a date entry window which walks you through the information, field by field, starting with your first name.

  1. The process continues to ask for your last name, gender, phone number, email address, street address, city, state, and zip code. Information that is optional displays a Skip button, shown below. (The only required fields at this time are First and Last Name.)
  2. If no data has yet been entered, a Stop button also appears (upper left). Use it when you’ve changed your mind, or when you’ve accidentally picked “I am a 1st-time visitor.” Clicking Stop cancels the add-a-visitor process and takes you back to the splash screen. Again, the button only appears if no data has been entered (to prevent people from accidentally clearing all their data if they go in to make a change before clicking Done).
  3. When you are finished, your entries are displayed for your review.
  4. If you are happy with your data, click Done; otherwise click on the field you wish to change to redisplay the edit window.
  5. If you click Done, the following occurs:
  6. The program checks for duplicates by comparing the first name, last name, and gender against all non-members already entered into the Shepherd’s Staff database.
  7. If you select the suggested person (or one of the suggested people, if there is more than one potential duplicate found), then the “add a visitor” process switches to use that individual, and no new record is added to Membership.
  8. If no duplicates are found or accepted, then a new household is created using the entered information, and a new Visitor is added.
  9. You are then taken to the Event selection window (refer back to Step 5).


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