Using the Kiosk [Legacy]


Before using the kiosk, you should have performed two tasks:
Set up the kiosk to appear as you like. Refer to “Customizing the Kiosk’s Appearance” for details. 

» Set up the Attendance Events to appear on the given kiosk and determine when the

» Events appear, and for whom. See “Setting Up Shepherd’s Staff Attendance Events” for details.

Once the Events are set up, start the kiosk application by clicking the kiosk button.

There are 5 steps for recording attendance through the kiosk. They are:

  1. Select your category from the splash screen.
  2. Search for your household.
  3. Select your household.
  4. Select yourself.
  5. Select the Event you are attending.

The next pages will walk you through each of these steps.

When the kiosk splash screen displays, it uses the text, color, font, and graphic customizations you’ve entered or selected from the Settings window.

Note: There is no option for Members who are not yet entered into the database. That is not considered a real-world situation, because if you are already a Member of the church, the church office should already have you entered into the system. People should not be allowed to freely enter themselves into the church database as Members.

  1. When a member or visitor comes to the kiosk, they pick one of three categories:
    • “I am a member”—Assumes the person is marked as a non-removed Member in the church database. It filters the Household Search window to only display households that have at least one member.
    • “I am a returning visitor”—Assumes the person is already entered into the church database and is marked as a non-removed non-member. It filters the Household Search window to display only households that have at least one non-member.
    • “I am a 1st-time visitor”—Assumes the person is not yet entered into the church database.
  2. After selecting the category, you are presented with either a search window or a data entry window.
    • Note: Searching by phone performs an exact match on the number (without hyphens, etc.). It looks for either a primary phone number that matches or a cell phone for someone that matches, and returns those households. When searching for cell phone, it also takes into account which category you picked, and therefore considers member/non-member status. So, for example, if you entered “3145551212,” it will search for any household with a primary phone number of “3145551212,” or any household with a Member (if you picked “I am a member”) or a Non-Member (if you picked “I am a returning visitor”) with a cell phone number of “3145551212.”
    • If you picked “I am a member” or “I am a returning visitor”—You will see the search window, with a key pad displaying either letters or numbers (depending on your kiosk settings). The key pad can be operated in three ways: by using a touchscreen monitor, by using a keyboard, or by clicking on the key pad using the mouse. Enter the first part of your household name (or your entire household name, though that might take longer), or enter your exact phone number, and press or click Find (or press Enter on your keyboard). You are taken to Step 3.
    • If you picked “I am a 1st-time visitor”—You are presented with a data entry window. Once you fill out the information, you are taken to Step 5, where you can select the Event. See the subsection for First Time Visitors on page 84 for details.
  3. Select your household from the list.
    • If your search returns only one household, then this step is skipped and you are taken to Step 4.
    • If your search returns more than one household, then the “Select your household” window appears. The household name has the first address line appended to it, to distinguish between households with the same last name.
  4. Select your name from the list, or the name of the person for whom you are recording attendance (such as your spouse, one of your children, or an elderly parent who lives with you).
    • A list of people in the household appears, ordered by sequence (i.e. Head of Household, Spouse, Children, Other) and then by age within the sequence (e.g. oldest children first).
    • Important: This list includes all non-deceased household members, regardless of membership status. This means that both church Members and Non-members appear, along with those persons marked as “removed.” The “I am a member” and “I am a returning visitor” categories only apply to household selection, and not to the people within a given household, since a Member or Visitor may register the attendance of his or her entire family at one time (which means he or she needs visibility of the entire family).
  5. Select an Event from the list. You are asked if you want to record attendance to that Event; press/click Yes.
    • You are presented with a list of active/allowed Events, or else you receive a message that there are no Events available at this time. The list of Events is calculated using all of the settings you made to Attendance Events under Setting Up Shepherd’s Staff Events.
    • How Events are picked: The Event calculation works like this: (1) gather the non-secure Events that are assigned to this kiosk (based on the computer name); (2) check if the Event is marked to show on this weekday, during this month (or, if a single date was assigned to the Event, that today is that date); (3) check if the Event is marked to show at the current time; (4) check if the Event is marked to show for the selected person.
    • Attendance Batch creation: When the first person records his or her attendance at a given Event on a given date, the kiosk automatically creates an attendance Batch for that Event/date combination in Shepherd’s Staff. Subsequent attendees for that Event (for that date) are automatically added to that same Batch. Once the Event is over, the attendance Batch is handled as with any other Batch, by posting it from within the Shepherd’s Staff Attendance module.
  6. If there is only one person in this household, you are taken back to the splash screen. If there is more than one person in this household, you are asked if you want to record attendance for another individual. If you choose to do so, you are taken back to Step 4. Otherwise you are taken back to the splash screen.



Step 1: Select your category


Step 2: Search for your household


Step 3: Select your household


Step 4: Select yourself


Step 5: Select the event


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