Year-End Process


Year End functions are no longer needed for the Attendance module. The only thing you need to do is make sure all Batches for the previous year have been posted. You can still post them at a later date, but the longer they stay in the system, the more likely you are to forget what the Batch was for.

You can also run the Clean-up utility at the end of the year to remove old information from the database.

Some churches desire not to delete Attendance records. If this is the case at your church, do not run this Clean-up utility. The database will retain all Attendance records. Modern computers have large memories and keeping the Attendance records will not have a significant impact on your database’s performance.

» Caution: It is recommended you make a backup prior to running this utility as it does permanently delete historical information.

  1. Access the Clean-up Utility by clicking on Utilities in the menu bar and clicking on Clean-up.
  2. After confirming you have a backup and all Batches are posted, the window will open.
  3. The Clean-up utility in Attendance is a housekeeping utility designed to delete dated records from all the grids. Check the box to run it. Since we recommend keeping ten years worth of Attendance data, the utility is preset to only remove data dated ten years ago or older.
  4. Click OK to run the utility and delete the older data.


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