Attendance Comparison


The Attendance Comparison Report uses Event summary records to reveal attendance trends, indicating your most (and least) popular Events broken down by Event type.

It compares attendance by week, month, quarter, or year and prints totals broken down by attendance type with averages.

The monthly and quarterly comparisons also provide a graph option for easy comparisons. The graph uses numbers to denote the month of the year.

  1. Click on reports and select “Attendance Comparison.”
  2. Start by picking whom the report is for. Remember that Non-visitors are those people who have person records in the Membership module. Visitors are just the extra head count (or usher count) numbers.
  3. You can pick just one year or multiple years of data, all the way up to ten years.
  4. Layout refers to whether you want the months to be down the page with more details or across the page with just totals.
  5. Now, choose the amount of time to compare the attendance. If you have chosen “Down the page” for your layout, the Monthly and Quarterly comparison gives a check box for including a graph.
  6. Finally, choose the Events you want to show on this report. You can choose one, all, or a combination of Events.
  7. Once you have your settings selected, click Preview to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.



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