Attendance Follow Up


The Attendance Follow-up Report is designed to assist with keeping up with your congregation.

It can include a variety of information such as address, work phone, email addresses, and visitation details.

Print this report to help you contact those who have not attended for a specified time, and when a reference sheet for each person is desired.

  1. Start by choosing for whom you want to run this report. You can run it for all people, a Subgroup, or even a single person or household.
  2. If you only want to see non-attenders, click the filter for “Only those with no Attendance Summaries.”
  3. Choose a Sort By option that will assist in distributing the reports to the leaders in charge of following up. You can also print one page per person in the report by checking that box.
  4. There are many pieces of information you can include on this report such as contact information, visit details, or even the last time a person attended. Choose the options you want to see on your report.
  5. Keep in mind that this report is designed for those who do attend. If you want Non-attenders instead, you must add them by checking the Non-attenders box.
  6. When you have your settings selected, click Preview to view the report or click Print to send the report directly to the printer.



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