Yearly Statistics


The Yearly Statistics window displays a summary for each Event by year.

This includes the following for both visitors and non-visitors:

» the number of times the event occurred

» the Total people who attended including duplicates (i.e., it counts each time each person attends)

» the Average attendance (total people divided by the number of event occurrences)

» the Median

  1. Access the Yearly Statistics window by first going to Records and then choosing “Events/Enrolllees.” You can also click on the first “E” in the toolbar. Both of these will open the Event Records window. Once there click on the “Yearly Statistics” tab to access this information.
  2. The statistics are pulled from the Event Summary records. 
  3. If you wish to see the event summary records that are affecting a particular row simply double click that row to open the Event Summary grid. The grid will already be filtered to show only the events that make up the highlighted event/year.
  4. The grid can be sorted by any combination of columns.
  5. The grid can be exported to a spreadsheet.



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