Event Summary


Each Event Summary record represents a specific Event on a specific date. These records are automatically created and maintained when you post an Attendance Batch or manually add an Attendance record. If your church only keeps head counts of service attendance, you can manually add Event Summaries to track that attendance.

These are also the records that keep track of visitors and notes attached to a Batch (using the Batch Visitors and Notes buttons). So if you forgot to use those buttons prior to posting a Batch, you can edit these records to add that information.

When adding or editing an Event Summary record, there are three calculation methods. The option you select determines how the Total Number in Attendance is filled in when you save the record.

» Leave Total As Is—Makes no changes to the numbers.

» Use Highest Number—Takes the highest number you entered in that column and uses it as the total (recommended).

» Add Attendance Together—Adds up all numbers in the column and uses that for the total.

To access the Event Summary grid, click on Records in the menu bar and then click Event Summary.

Edit an Event Summary

  1. Highlight the Event summary you want to change and click Edit.
  2. Change the numbers in the Non-visitors and Visitors columns to the correct numbers for that Event.
  3. Set the calculation method (“Use highest number” is recommended).
  4. Click Calculate to preview that total or Clear to clear the total.
  5. Click OK to save the changes or Cancel to exit the window and start over.

Add an Event Summary

  1. Choose the Event from the Event drop list and key in a date.
  2. Enter the numbers of Visitors and Non-visitors parallel to the Type (circled above).
  3. Choose “Add Attendance Together” as the Calculation Method. 
  4. A Note and Visitor information can be entered under the buttons on the right. 
  5. Click OK to save the changes.



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