Attendance Batches [Legacy]


Now that we have seen how to add a single Attendance record, you may be thinking that it will take a long time to enter an entire Event’s attendance. For this reason, Shepherd’s Staff has a Batch utility included in the Attendance module that allows you to post a single Event’s attendance at one time. The Batch utility allows you to enter multiple attendance records quickly, compartmentalize workflow, and even work from home.

Inside the Batch, everyone who attended the Event will need to be shown in the “Attendees in Batch” column. Therefore, creating an Attendance Batch is as simple as double-clicking on a person’s name to move them from “Possible Attendees” on the left to “Attendees in Batch” on the right.

After you enter a Batch, you can save it and come back to it, or you can even export it to a USB drive to take home with you. Then you can work on it at home and import it back into the church database the next day.

Note: If there are several Events in this Event Selection window that you do not want or need often, remember you can make them inactive by editing the Event and unchecking the Active button. You can always make them active again when they are needed.

  1. To access the Attendance Batches grid, click on Batches, then Attendance Batches. You can also click the “B” icon on the toolbar. 
  2. In order to start an attendance Batch, click the Add button. This will bring up the “Attendance Event Selection” window.
  3. Highlight the Event you want, choose the correct date, and then click OK to begin Batch data entry.
  4. At this point the Batch entry window will open up. The date and Event will already be filled in, but if you made a mistake, you can change those fields.
  5. The next step is picking a Subgroup from the drop-down box. This Subgroup will affect which people you can pick to show in the “Possible Attendees” column. If you have enrollees for this Event, you can choose the Enrollees Subgroup to see only those people.
  6. You can choose to sort by house or person. By default, it will sort by house.
  7. There are two different types of selection methods; tagged and multiple. Tagged will highlight and remember everyone you click. Multiple allows you to use the shift key to select a block of people.
  8. The next step is moving the people from the left to right. You can do this by selecting them and clicking the Add button. You can also double-click the names to move them to the other column.
  9. As you move them, notice the Attendance Types check boxes in the middle of the window. Each person you move from the left to the right will receive each one of those types for that Event.
  10. So, if you have both Worship and Communion types for this Event and you come to someone who did not have Communion, you can simply uncheck the Communion box before you move them to the right. This will tell the software that this person did not have Communion.
  11. If you forgot to uncheck the button, you can also highlight the people in “Attendees in Batch” who did not take Communion and click the Communion button to take Communion off their entries.
  12. After you have finished moving the attendees to the “Attendees in Batch” column, click OK to save the Batch.
  13. At this point the Batch is still in the Batch window, meaning that it’s in temporary status and can be edited.

Note: If there is someone you can’t find, you may want to try setting the Subgroup to All People and then use the Find button to search for that person.

Tip: If you have Communion during your service, you may want to create a Subgroup of only confirmed people. Then you can pick from that group, leaving the Communion box checked. After that’s done, you can switch to the list of unconfirmed and uncheck the Communion box.






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