Enrollees are defined as people who frequently attend a particular Event. Each Event can have its own set of enrollees, but people can also be enrolled in multiple Events.

This allows you to save time during the Batch entry by displaying these frequent attendees first in their own smaller group.

Note: You cannot attach enrollees to an Event until the Event is added.

  1. Access Enrollees by selecting an Event and clicking the edit button.
  2. You can add or remove enrollees by editing the specific Event and using one of the following buttons:
    • Add—Allows you to manually select a person and add them to the list.
    • Update—Looks for non-Removed MEMBERS who have attended the Event at least TWO times in the past 30 days. These additions to the list are temporarily prefixed with an asterisk, so that you can easily identify the new enrollees.
    • Remove—Removes one person at a time (the highlighted name) from the list.
    • Purge—Removes enrollees if they have been marked as “Removed By” on their Person records, or if they have not attended the Event during the past 90 days. The Purge button displays a checklist window of anyone it finds, so you can de-select certain individuals you want to keep on the list of enrollees. You can also create a Static Subgroup so that you can follow up with those people.
    • Clear—Completely wipes the list of enrollees.
  3. Click OK to save the enrollee list.



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