Import / Export Households / People


The Import / Export Utility is used to transfer household and person information from one database to another.

It only copies basic Household and Person data, which is the information found on the Household Record and Person Record windows (including the household address). Notes, Visits, Activities, Skills, Training Classes, Attendance, and Contribution information are not included.

Exporting Household and Person information does not remove the Household or Person from the database. We recommend postponing the deletion until after you have successfully imported into the other database.

Note: Just like the Shepherd’s Staff’s primary Backup / Restore options, the Import / Export features only sends data to and retrieves data from the root directory on the drive you specify. And they use a very specific file name. You should never attempt to relocate or rename these files. Just use them where they are placed.

You have the following four options:

» Export Household—Exports household information. This also exports the person records within that household so there is no need to export people as well.

» Export Person—Exports person information.

» Import Household—Imports household information along with the personal information.

» Import Person—Imports person information.

  1. Make a backup.
  2. Select Utilities from the Membership menu bar, then select Import / Export.
  3. Choose the appropriate option for your needs.
  4. If you are Importing, go to step 9; otherwise the Export window displays.
  5. Select the name(s) to export. To select several names at once, hold the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking the names with the mouse.
  6. Select the drive where you want to save this export.
  7. Click Export. The Export process begins after confirming that you want to create an export file. 
  8. After exporting, switch to the database to which you are transferring the records.
  9. When you are importing . . . 
  10. The Import window displays, prompting you to select a source drive. Click on either Drive A or Other Drive, and then select your source drive.
  11. The names on the source file will be displayed in the list box. Select the names you wish to import and click Import.
  12. After confirming that you do wish to import data, the names you selected are imported into Membership.


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