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The Mass Update Utility is used to make mass changes to records in the database without having to go to each record individually. The Mass Update is always for the entire database unless using the Person Table, in which case you can select a subgroup.

» Where—This field represents the table of records within Membership. Choose the area that contains the field you wish to mass update. For example, if you want to update the Ministry Group field, you would want to select Household for “Where,” since the Ministry Group field is located on the Household record.

» What—The contents of this list change based on the table you have selected. To continue the example, if you selected Household for Where, you would now have the option of selecting “Ministry Group” in the What list.

» Replace—This field is for the data you wish to replace. This needs to match the text in the selected field, so it is recommended you copy and paste the option from an existing record in order to get the exact text.

» With—This field is for the correct data that will replace the incorrect data. Leaving the With field blank will simply erase the current “Replace” data.

  1. Start by making a backup of your database.
  2. To use the Mass Update, click on Utilities, Mass Update Utilities, then Mass Update.
  3. Start by choosing the Where field.
  4. Then choose the What field.
  5. Enter in the incorrect data you would like to replace in the Replace field.
  6. Enter in the correct data into the With field. The Replace and With fields will accept wildcard characters (*, ?, etc.). If records that are being Mass Updated actually contain wildcard characters, check the Ignore Wildcards box.
  7. Click Update to start the Mass Update or close to cancel the Mass Update.

Note: The Mass Update Utility only changes records, not option (drop-down) lists.


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