Grade Mass Update


The Grade Mass Update allows Grades and Sunday School Grades to be manually promoted. However, the Promote Student Utility has made the Grade Mass Update Utility almost obsolete. The reason for using this Mass Update is if you only wish to promote one grade at a time. To promote all grades at the same time, please use the Promote Students Utility.

Promoting Students is dependent on using the default Grade and Sunday School values. Changes to the Grade and/or Sunday School Grade drop lists will disable using Promote Students.

Note: Do not change grades from the bottom up (1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th, etc.). This will result in every child being listed in 12th grade by the end. To prevent this, work from the top down by changing 11th to 12th, then 10th to 11th, 9th to 10th, etc.

  1. To Mass Update Grades, click on Utilities, Mass Update Utilities, then Grade Mass Update.
  2. This update can be applied to All People or a Subgroup. 
  3. Select Sunday School Grades or Regular Grade.
  4. Use the drop lists to change one grade to the next grade (A grade called Blank is also available to graduate 12th graders to a blank field).
  5. When you have the settings you want, click Update to execute the Grade Mass Update.

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