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The process of exporting and importing postal codes is used to CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certify your addresses. The Shepherd’s Staff database can be CASS certified to let you receive discounts when mailing over 500 pieces at once.

Having the database CASS certified includes automatically adding ZIP + 4, Carrier Route, Line of Travel info, and Delivery Point Barcode data; correcting spelling errors in street names, cities, and state abbreviations; standardizing directions (i.e., Northwest, South, etc); and standardizing suffixes (i.e., avenue, street, boulevard).

The process starts with exporting a comma-delimited (CSV) (Comma Separated Values) file or a fixed-length text file of your addresses, which you send to a postal business for CASS certification. The postal business returns the file to you, at which time you import the addresses back into your database and Shepherd’s Staff automatically updates your Membership records.

Note: Be aware that you must CASS certify your addresses multiple times during the year, as specified by the Post Office, in order to continue to qualify for mailing discounts. You may want to contact your local Post Office or Postal Business Center before beginning this process.

  1. Access the postal code import/export by going to Utilities, Postal Codes, then Import/Export.
  2. Choose if you want to do this export for all people or just a subgroup of people.
  3. You can choose either a comma delimited or fixed length file depending on your vendor’s preference.
  4. Click the Export button to start the export. Make sure to save it to a location on your computer where you can find it.
  5. Send the CASS company the export file.
  6. The CASS company will make modifications directly to the file, and then send it back to you.
  7. Put that file on your computer in a location where you will remember it.

To Import:

  1. Make sure to make a backup of SS at this point in case there is an issue with the file or the import.
  2. Open the Import/Export Utility again and click on Import.
  3. Choose the file the CASS company gave you. Then click Open to start the import.
  4. Any changes to addresses or carrier routes are automatically made to your Membership database during the Import process.
  5. It’s likely that the data you get back will be in all CAPITAL letters. You can address this using the Correct Uppercase Import Utility.





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