Renew Expired Information Utility


This utility provides you with an easy way to identify and manage time-sensitive data in your Membership Module, to help you keep your records current. When an Activity or Address meets the “expiring” qualifications, a “String around the Finger” icon with a flashing red background will appear on the Membership Toolbar. Clicking on this icon will take you directly to the Renew Expired Information window. You can also access this utility at any time from Membership under the “Utilities” menu.

The first page of this utility shows you how many Expiring and/or Renewable items you have in your system. From here you can choose to go to the tab that manages the data you wish to update, or to close the window altogether.

» Present Activities Tab—This page shows you a list of all Activities in your system that have a current Participation level of Present and an End Date earlier than the currently displayed Membership Module date in the bottom right corner. If there is no date in the End Date field for the Activity, the Activity will not show up. From here you can change these expired Activities from a rating of Present to a rating of Experienced, or to extend the End Date by one year. This can be done on an item-by-item basis, or you can use the drop list to select All of the people and/or activities displayed on the grid.

» Household & Personal Addresses Tabs—These pages display a list of the Household or Personal Alternate Addresses which have an End Date earlier than the current Module Date, and have the Repeats Annually box checked. On these tabs you have the ability to add years to repeating addresses, to stop the repeating, or even to delete the address. By choosing an option under “For,” you can do this for just the one highlighted address or all the addresses.

Note: Once you have successfully updated an Alternate Address or Activity by advancing it a year, it should disappear from the grid (indicating that it no longer meets the qualifications). If you have never run this utility before, you may find that some older records in your system will need to be processed multiple times before they disappear from the grid.



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