Presbyterian Statistical Report—PCA [Legacy]


The Presbyterian Statistical Report—PCA is exclusively used by the PCA churches and is only available in the Presbyterian Edition of Shepherd’s Staff.

This report has been designed specifically to meet the annual reporting needs of and follows the reporting specifications set out by the PCA. It contains the following tabs:

» Church—Lists general church information.

» Membership 1 and 2—Contains membership and attendance information.

» Financial 1, 2, and 3—These tabs allow you to pick the accounts that should be reported in each individual section.

Other—Contains age and ethnic composition information.

  1. Select Reports from the Membership menu.
  2. Select the Presbyterian Statistical Report—PCA report from the list of reports.
  3. On each of the tabs, fill in the requested information. Some of these fields will already be filled from your entered Shepherd’s Staff data.
  4. On the Membership tabs, it is important to verify the data. Clicking the “i” will give you the criteria for the corresponding section.
  5. For the Financial tabs, click the check marks to select the appropriate accounts for each section.
  6. Verify the statistics on the Other tab.
  7. After reviewing and selecting each of the settings, click the Save and Recalculate button at the lower center of the screen to save the report settings.
  8. Click the Preview button to preview or print the report.



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