Congregation Annual Report (ELCA) [Legacy]


The Congregation Annual Report (ELCA) is exclusively used by Evangelical Lutheran Church in America member churches and is only available in the Lutheran Edition of Shepherd’s Staff. This report is designed specifically to assist users in filling out the yearly Congregational Report requested by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

These reports are usually expected to be returned about the middle of February. Contact the ELCA Office of the Secretary if you have any questions about completing the Congregational Report.

The ELCA report contains the following tabs:

» Church—General church information—Note that the church contact information fieldsare filled with information entered on the System Settings window (accessed from the main menu, Utilities button, Settings, Church tab).

» Finance tabs—These are the 20; 21; 22–24, 25; and 25 con’t. tabs. They allow you to pick which accounts to report on.

» Find Anomalies—This tab features a tool to check various data entry issues that can throw off the calculations for this report.

» Terms—This tab shows the Received By and Removed By terms used by this annual report. Normally, these terms are added to your choices for those Person Record fields when your Shepherd’s Staff edition is set to Lutheran. A button to Add These Terms If Missing is provided here in case these options were deleted from the drop-down list for those fields.

Notes on this report:

» The report prints out annual statistical data for a single calendar year (January through December). It cannot be printed for a non-calendar year or any time period other than 12 months.

» This report is looking for the specific terms for Received By and Removed By fields as listed on the Terms Settings tab. Users are encouraged to check the member information in their database using these terms before running this report.




  1. Select Reports from the Membership menu.
  2. Select the Congregation Annual Report (ELCA) report from the list of reports.
  3. Set the correct Reporting Year and Age cut-off for children at the lower left of the window. 
  4. Use the red check box at the lower left to select the Attendance Events which make up the church’s Primary Worship Event(s). Key in a church Fax number and the appropriate Liturgy Language(s).
  5. On each of these tabs, click the red check boxes to select the appropriate Finance Accounts for each category noted.
  6. Click the Find Anomalies button to have the tool run and preview its report. Examples of the possible anomalies it will find are listed on this tab. After clicking the button to run it, an Anomalies report will display.
  7. After running the Anomalies report, use the Save button at the bottom of the ELCA Report Settings window to save your report settings, then exit the report and address the inconsistencies on the Anomalies report by correcting or updating your membership data.
  8. After reviewing and selecting each of the settings, click the Save button to save the report settings.
  9. Click the Preview button to preview or print the Congregation Annual Report (ELCA).

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