United Methodist Tables I, II & III Report [Legacy]


The United Methodist Tables I, II & III report is exclusively used by the United Methodist Church and is only available in the United Methodist version of Shepherd’s Staff.

The United Methodist Tables I, II & III Report has been designed specifically to meet the annual reporting needs of the United Methodist church and follows the reporting specifications set out by it. Consult your denominational guidelines for a description of each line on the report and how numbers are calculated.

  1. Select Reports from the Membership menu.
  2. Select the United Methodist Tables I, II & III report from the list.
  3. In the Church tab, enter the appropriate heading information for your church. The Year you enter determines the year for which the report is calculated.
  4. Most lines in this report are filled when you click Calculate. However, lines 10, 20–25a, 27, 29, and 31–37 are not automatically calculated by the report. A value must be manually entered.
  5. Line numbers 14–18b, 25b, 26, 28, and 30 are marked with an asterisk. When you click on these lines, a subwindow is displayed where you define the groups of people (from activity, skill and training class lists) who make up the number. Once you have edited a row, the text temporarily displays in italics to let you know which lines you have set up.
  6. Line numbers 38–75 are also marked with an 
  7. asterisk. They are the same as the pre­vious step, except this time you are assigning accounts to that line. The totals for the accounts you select are used to fill in the line total. (Lines 45 and 46 do not have a submenu.)
  8. When you have finished setting up all line numbers, click Calculate. The report fills in the numbers for all fields except those listed in step 5.
  9. After successfully calculating, fill in the values for the line numbers listed in step 4.
  10. If you have a problem with a number that you cannot track down, the report lets you correct numbers directly on the screen. Just highlight the number using the mouse and type in the correct number or amount. However, if you modify a calculated field, and then click Calculate again, the changes you made will be undone.
  11. When all totals are correct, click Preview to preview the report. Click Print on the Preview window to send the report to your printer.



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