Annual Church Ministries Report [Legacy]


The Annual Church Ministries Report (ACMR) is exclusively used by Assembly of God churches and is only available in the Assembly of God Edition of Shepherd’s Staff. This report is designed specifically to assist users in filling out the report form due each year in January by allowing easy gathering of information in a single place.

Each tab covers a range of questions for the ACMR:

» Church—Church contact information and questions 15 through 18.

» Vital Statistics A & B—Questions 1–14, 19, and 20.

» Healthy Church—Questions 21–23.

» CE / Church Min. A & B—Questions 24–39.

» Higher Education—Questions 40–46.

» Missions—Questions 47–53.

» Finances—Questions 54–61.

» Staff—Questions 62–64.

Consult your denominational guidelines for a description of each line on the report and how numbers are calculated.

  1. Select Reports from the Membership menu.
  2. Select the Annual Church Ministries Report (ACMR) report from the list of reports.
  3. On each of the tabs, fill in the requested information. Some of these fields will be filled already from your entered Shepherd’s Staff data. Note that the church contact information fields are filled with information entered on the System Settings window.
  4. Any fields that are shaded gray are not editable from this page. In order to edit those fields you must change the data within Shepherd’s Staff. For example, if your number of members in question 5 is wrong, you can click the “i” next to the field to find out how that information is calculated. Now you can go check the members in your database and find the ones that do not match those criteria.
  5. Any time you see a red check box, click it to choose which items you want to use to calculate that field.
  6. After reviewing and selecting each of the settings, click the Save and Recalculate button at the lower center of the screen to save the report settings. Click the Preview button to preview the report.



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