Denomination-Specific Reports [Legacy]


In Shepherd’s Staff, there are a number of denomination-specific reports that can be run. The reports currently available are the following:

» Annual Church Ministries Report

» Annual Church Profile

» United Methodist Table I,II, and III

» United Methodist Officers

» Congregation Annual Report (LCMS)

» Congregation Annual Report (ELCA)

» Congregation Statistics Report (WELS)

» Presbyterian Statistical Report—PC(USA)

» Presbyterian Statistical Report—PCA

» Youth List (LCMS)

» Parochial Report

Each of these reports are designed to have specific criteria met in order to maintain the accuracy of the reports. Consult the Help System (F1) to access the criteria and rules for each report.

To access these reports, click on Reports in the menu bar.

The denomination specific reports are listed below the line on the Reports window. If you do not see the report for your denomination, you will need to set your edition in the system settings.

These reports are enabled by adjusting your Edition setting for the program. To do so, from the main Shepherd’s Staff screen, go to the Utilities button, then select Settings. Click on the System tab at the top of the window. Change the Edition setting to match your church’s denomination, click Yes to confirm the change, and then click OK to close the Settings window.


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