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When a Person record doesn’t have any Attendance or Contribution records, the Person record can be freely deleted from the People Grid. When you delete someone using the Delete button on the People Grid, that person is not physically removed from the database. They actually end up in the Undeleted People Grid, from where, if desired, these records can be inserted back into the database. This permits you to undelete records that were deleted accidentally.

The Undelete Deleted People Grid lists the person’s Last Name, First Name, Status (Deleted), and Household name. If no Household name is listed, then the Household has also been deleted. Household records are NOT recoverable, so if you need to undelete someone, you also need to recreate their Household record, and then attach them to that household via their Family tab.

Note: The Undeleted People Grid can be emptied at any time using the Clean Up utility.

Select Utilities from the menu bar, then select Undelete People. The Undelete Deleted People Grid appears. 

Undelete a Person

  1. Highlight the Person record you wish to recover and click Undelete.
  2. After undeleting the person, click People in the menu bar, then Grid. The People Grid appears.
  3. Check the option for “Include Removed Persons” at the bottom.
  4. Highlight the undeleted person’s record and click Edit. The Edit a Person window appears.
  5. Remove the DELETION and date from the Removed By fields.
  6. Change the person’s sequence, if needed, (Head of Household, Spouse, Child, Other) and click OK to save the record.

Undelete a Person with No Household Record

  1. After undeleting the person, click Households in the menu bar, and then Add. The Add a New Household window appears.
  2. Fill in the required fields (with blue field labels), per the instructions in the List of Fields section in the chapter on Households.
  3. After saving the new household, follow the steps to the left for “Undelete a Person.”
  4. Before Step 6, make sure to pick the new household you created under the Household Name field.


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