Using the Clean-up Utility [Legacy]


This Clean-up Utility is used to permanently remove person records from your database. After doing this, ALL the past membership, attendance, and contribution records for these persons will be permanently deleted from the database. In this case, not even a backup will be able to reverse this. There will be no way to get the old records from that backup into your new database going forward. It is recommended that you keep at least five years’ data in the system.

This utility provides two basic check box selections:

» Permanently delete ALL temporarily deleted person records from the database: Click this box if you want to remove all people you deleted. This will permanently remove them from your database. This process cannot be reversed. To check the list of deleted people, click Utilities, then Undelete People.

» Permanently delete Removed people from Membership, Attendance, and Contributions: This option allows you to delete removed people from your database based on the “Removed by” status from the person records. It offers the following options (these choices only appear once the check box is marked):

» Purge people removed by: When the first checkbox is selected, you can choose one particular “Removed by” status to delete only the records with that status from your database. Options here will match the choices for the Removed By field’s drop-down list in your database. If you wish to purge by multiple Removed by options, but not all of them, you must run this utility one time for each Removed by status you wish to purge. The second check box, for All Removed people, will permanently delete all people records with any Removed by status during the date range.

» Removed during this date range: Enter the date range from which to permanently delete the selected removed people. This date corresponds to the Date Removed on their person records.

» Reports: Provides the option to print out household and/or person record reports for each person removed with the utility at this time. The options also include either Household notes or Person notes with this information. Churches will often choose to print these reports as a paper record of those who have been removed from their Shepherd’s Staff databases.

Note: Running this Clean-up Utility is optional; it is not required to maintain your Shepherd’s Staff database. To use it, start by making a backup of your database.

  1. Select Utilities from the Membership module, then select Clean-up from the menu.
  2. A window will open confirming you have made a backup. Click OK to continue.
  3. When the utility opens, pick which type of clean up you are performing. If you choose to delete removed people, make sure you pick the correct settings below.
  4. Once you have the settings, click OK to start the clean up process.
  5. A message displays to make sure: “Do you want to Process the selected ‘Clean-up’ functions? Click Yes to proceed with the Clean-up process.”
  6. Finally, click OK, then Close to exit the utility when the process is finished.





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