Year-End Process [Legacy]


The year-end process in the Membership module is done through the following steps:

  1. It is recommended that you run the year end in the Contributions module prior to the Membership year end. This goes double for those who want to use the Clean-up Utility. You need to make sure that the contributions information is printed prior to losing those records.
  2. Enter and verify any changes for the current year. This includes births, deaths, marriages, divorces, baptisms, confirmations, removals, and transfers. By making sure these records are up to date, you will increase the accuracy of your end of year reports.
  3. Print final copies of the denominational report (i.e.. ELCA report, LCMS report, etc.). For information on your denomination’s report, go to the Statistics section of this manual.
  4. If there are statistics that your denominational report does not have and that you want for your own records, you can also run the Church Statistics report. Information on this report is also found in the Statistics section of this manual.
  5. Review these documents and make any necessary changes.
  6. Now that your data is up to date, now is a good time to run a database rebuild. This will ensure that your data is clean and compact and will improve the overall speed and efficiency of your database.
  7. Make two backups. You will want to keep these backups indefinitely, so determine a long-term storage process for these year-end backups.
  8. (Optional) Run the Clean-up Utility. The Clean-up Utility will permanently delete records from your database. The only way to see these records after it has run is to restore a backup.
  9. Congratulations! You are ready to start a new year in Shepherd’s Staff!
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