Volunteer Manager


The Volunteer Manager contains job positions, compensated or not, within the church—for examples, ushers, greeters, secretary, even the pastor! This manager not only contains the church’s positions but will assist in finding qualified individuals to fill positions.

  1. To access the Volunteer Manager, select Volunteer Manager in Reports.
  2. To Add a Volunteer, click on Add.
  3. When adding a Volunteer, the only required field is the position name. Fill in any additional information on the Position tab, then click on the Requirements tab.
  4. The Requirements tab uses Activities, Skills and Training to help find qualified individuals for the position. Searching for qualified individuals can be narrowed by adding specific AST. The search looks for specific AST on individual records. 
  5. Only churches that manage their AST can take advantage of the List tab.
  6. The Other Requirements section further narrows the search by having filters for being a Member, not being Removed, and limiting the search within a specific Subgroup.



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