Visitor Follow-up [Legacy]


This report allows churches to search for and access information on the visitors in the church’s data. It is designed to assist in gathering data for following up with visitors to the church.

The list of Participations used to “define” a visitor is taken from the Attendance folder on the Main Menu Settings. To change the defaults, therefore, exit Membership and go to the Main Menu Settings. However, you can temporarily override the settings for this report (just check and uncheck the values under “Define a Visitor”).

“Who attended <attendance type> <number> times or more from <date> to <date>” —This option lets you filter the report to show only those who have attended in the specified attendance type the number of times or more between the specified dates.

The “With a Person Record added in this date range” text boxes let you filter for visitors whose Person Records were added to the Membership module between the specified dates, inclusive. The defaults are 1 year ago through the current module date.

The “With an Attendance Summary record” check box filters out anyone who does not have attendance records in the Attendance module. Click on the “Show the Visitors” folder to see those visitors who match the criteria.

  1. Click on the Fast Facts button to view the information for any selected person (or you can double-click on the visitor’s row in the grid).
  2. The Go To Person and Go To Household buttons will take you to the corresponding person or household record. 
  3. The Label button lets you print a single, personal label for the selected person. To print Household labels, use the Mailing Labels button. 
  4. The Static button is only enabled if you have rights to Subgroups. Clicking it creates a static subgroup containing the people in the report. 



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