Subgroups by Person [Legacy]


The Subgroups by Person not only prints the name of the Subgroup but also the individuals that are in that Subgroup. This is a valuable report if you’ve just removed someone by filling in the Removed By and Removed Date on his or her Person Record. You can then run this report for just that person by selecting his or her name under One Person, and this will let you know which subgroups this person is still included in. If the person is included in any Static Subgroups, he or she must be manually removed from the static subgroup.

If you are finding a lot of Removed persons on your dynamic subgroups and do not wish to include Removed persons, add the line “REMOVED BY— EQUAL TO— BLANK” to those dynamic subgroups.

Warning: This report can potentially have many pages.

  1. To access this report, go to Membership and Reports.
  2. Choose “Subgroups by Person” from the list.
  3. Pick who you want to include on this report and which subgroups you want to see.
  4. Click Preview to view the report.


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  • I cannot find the right Membership and Reports to get this "Subgroups By Person". I am going into Membership and then Reports as I see no other choices. What am I missing? Thanks!!

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