Contact List


This report is used for making contact lists for groups, clubs, and events within your congregation.

Some examples of this would be a list of members on the Church Council, an emergency contact list for the church, or even a list of members for your church choir that need to be contacted about a change in schedule.

  1. Start by choosing whether you want to run this report for all the records in your database or just a subgroup of records. We have also included popular filters for showing only members as well as not showing removed people.
  2. As with other reports, you again have the ability to run this report by household and by person. One difference with this report however is that you have the ability to put a comment or instructions at the top of the page. Using this you could explain the order people should be contacted in or even give date/time information on when they should be contacted.
  3. In the what section you can choose the contact information you want to see on the report. You can even choose to use Label Name 1 or 2 from the Household records as your heading.
  4. After picking the options, you can click Preview to see the report.



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