Church Directory Preview


This is a preview of the Church Directory using the standard Household format with no extra options selected.

  1. As you can see, it starts with the household name as the main listing, and then shows the “Head of household & Spouse” on the first line and the other members of the family beneath them. If you don’t see a married couple on the same line using a “&” symbol, you will need to check that the Sequence field on their Person records have one of them using “Head of Household” and the other as “Spouse.”
  2. If you feel that the household address and phone number are not enough, you can check the options for adding other phone numbers as well as emails. If you want all your contact information, you may want to look at the “Church Phone Book” Report.
  3. If you have several families that contain members whose last name differs from the household name, you may want to use some of the options such as “Last name if different” or “See Household . . . ” in order to better identify and connect those people.
  4. You can even include people’s birthdates as well as the age of young children. These options will display next to each person’s name with the age (if both are selected) in parentheses.

Note: Don’t be afraid to try these options out. Remember that you can preview them and if you don’t like the addition you can just uncheck it and preview again.

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