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The Church Directory is one of the most important reports you will use in the software. For this reason we have added several options and formats so that you can tailor it specifically to your needs.

The first thing you will need to decide is whether you are doing a household or person directory. A household directory will group your records by household while the person directory will give each Person record their own line with their own information. Most of the time churches tend to choose the household directory.

There are currently 8 different versions of the household church directory:

» Household—This is the standard version listing with no columns and no groupings.

» Household by Ministry Group—Similar to the standard version except the households will be grouped by which Ministry Group they belong to.

» Household by Person Assigned—This is the same as the first two except grouped by the Person Assigned field.

» Household 2 Column—This version condenses the information slightly so that households can be listed in two columns.

» Household 3 Column—Similar to the 2 Column except a smaller font is used in order to now have three columns. Due to the condensed nature of this report we have included three different versions that may change your ability to read the report. If you want to use this version, make sure you try all three types and see which one you like best.

» Household 1 Line—This option was made to reduce the amount of printed paper. It prints each household on one line and does not include children’s names.

» Household 1 Column—If you plan on exporting this report into a word processor, you may want to use this version to help with formatting. If you need any export for a third party company, you will want to read the page about “Exporting the Church Directory.” There are two different versions of this report.

» Email by Household—Looks similar to the 1 Line option except instead of address info it displays the household email address.

There are also two Person Church Directories you can use:

» Person—This directory is listed in their own line with their own personal information. The household name is included with each person so you know which household they belong to.

» Email by person—This is very similar to the Email by household version except this lists each person including their personal and household emails if available.

Once you have chosen the format, you need to set the options you want within the other three sections. You may notice that there are also tabs at the top for “Symbols” and “Export Household Format.” These tabs are covered on the following pages.

  1. Under “Who” you can choose to run this directory for all records in your database or just a subgroup. We have also included filters for including members only and not including removed people since these filters are so commonly used. Keep in mind that when you are running a household directory and filtering by members only, the report is looking for any households that have at least one member and will print everyone in that household (even non-members).
  2. The next option is picking whether you want to print primary address and either 1) active or future alternate or 2) active, future, or recent alternate. This will depend on if you want to show the permanent address where they normally live or the “alternate in effect” address, where they may currently be at.
  3. The third section to check is the “Include” section. This is where you can choose things like how names are displayed and any supplemental information you want to include. 
  4. Click preview to view your directory.





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  • You really should separate your help section from standard version to newest version on your website. I am trying to print a church directory for a subgroup in the new Shepherd Staff and I cannot find how to do it. This new version is so much harder to get information than the old version.

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