Visitation Schedule and Planning Report [Legacy]


This report prints information on Visit records contained within the Scheduled Visits Grid. You can choose to run this report for household visits, people visits, or both. You can also filter which record to print based on what type of visits they are, who is going to do the visiting, and when the visits are scheduled for.

  1. Once you have the options you want chosen, click the Preview button to bring up the report.
  2. The output of this report will always be sorted by date and will always include the information from the Visit record. This includes fields like type of visit, visitor, and summary.
  3. If you want more details or contact information, you can check the Include Details button. By including details, the household visits will include the address, the members of the household, as well as some dedicated space for writing notes. The Person visits will include more information from their Person records such as important dates and work information. You will also get the person’s attendance summary information.



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