Auto Schedule Visits [Legacy]


This function allows you to create scheduled Visit records for a subgroup. This is a great feature for when you have multiple visits for one group of people. An example would be scheduling visits to confirmands after the confirmation service. This scheduling is based on:

» The date—You can choose which date to start the visits on. It may go to consecutive days if the number of people in the subgroup is more than the number of visits per day.

» The number of visits per day—This is the number of visits made on one day.

» Start time—What time you want the visits to start.

» Time between visits—This time is the time between the start of one visit and the start of the next. Therefore you will want to add in trip time or other factors.

Each visit will have the same type of visit and visited by data.

  1. To access Auto Schedule Visits go to the Scheduled Visits Grid.
  2. Then click the Auto button.
  3. Pick the subgroup you want to schedule visits for.
  4. Choose if you want these visits to be of the personal or household variety.
  5. Choose the time, Visits per Day, Start time, and Hours between visits. The hours between visits are in half hour increments so a setting of 0.5 would be 30 minutes between visits.
  6. Choose the type of visit and who is making these visits.
  7. The summary option is optional. If you wish to wait until the visits happen to fill this field in, you may. In fact any of these options can be changed on the individual records once they are created.


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