Activities, Skills, and Training Report


The AST Report will print individuals with their activities, skills, or training. It’s helpful for showing who is on a certain list, how many lists a person is on, or even printing a complete list of all your Activities, Skills, or Trainings. This report also contains a blank AST survey form that individuals can fill out.

It can help you not only get started with Activities, Skills, or Trainings but also can be useful for updating them in the future.

There are three main sections that will affect the output of this report:

» Who Section—You can run this report for all people, a subgroup, and even one person or one household.

» What Section—Choose which one or all of the types, participation levels, and categories.

» Include Section—These options change what data is included on the printout of this report.

You can also align the lists on the right or left side of the page as well as group the report by person, list, and category.

» The default report with no options included will print the people on the left side of the page with their listed phone numbers in the row across from them. Then the AST lists they are included on will print beneath their names on the right side of the report. Their participation in those lists will be listed before the list in parentheses.

» Depending on the options you select the format of the report may change but you will continue to see the Grouped By field on the left side of the page and then data included within the group will show on the right. The contact information fields you can include will either get listed in the same row as the person or beneath the person depending on the settings. Don’t be afraid to try some different options as you can always close the report and try again.



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