Mass Update Utility


The Activity, Skill, and Training (AST) Mass Update utility allows you to quickly and easily update the entire list of individuals for an activity, skill, or training. Use this utility to add multiple people to one AST. (If you would like to add multiple AST to one person, please see the article “Adding Multiple AST to One Person”.)

Upon opening the utility, choose if you want to only add people to a list or if you want to change all the people on a list. Using “add people to a list” allows you to only add (not delete) people to the selected list. Using “change people on a list” allows you to add and delete people for the selected list.

Next, select which list to change (whether it is an activity, skill, or training). You can narrow down the list options by using the various filters that are available.

Once you select a list to edit and click “Continue”, a window similar to Attendance Batch Entry will appear. At the top are several filters to narrow down the people you can select. If you selected “add people to a list”, you should see a list of all individuals not on the list, plus a blank field where added people will be filtered into. If you selected “change people on a list”, you should see a field with the names of people who are not on the list, and in a separate field the names of people who are currently on the list. You will be able to add and remove people using the plus and minus buttons between the two fields.

Here is how to add people to a list:

  1. To open the AST window, click the AST icon in the top toolbar.
  2. Click “Mass Update” at the bottom of the window.
  3. Select “add people to a list” or “change the people on a list”.
  4. Use the options under “Which type of list?” to choose the list you want to edit.
  5. Click “Continue” or double click the list.
  6. Select the individuals you need from the list under “Not on this list”. Double clicking or using the “Add” button will transfer them to the “Add to the list” column.
  7. Click “Save”.
  8. A message will appear asking whether you want to continue making changes. Clicking “Yes” will return you to the Mass Update screen. Clicking “No” will close the window.



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