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This AST List Manager combines many AST functions into an easy-to-use, step-by-step process. It contains seven different utilities and is a great way to keep lists current.

These utilities can be used to add a list, rename a list, clear people off a list, and even delete a list. You can also find orphaned lists (AST lists previously used but since deleted from the drop lists; they still remain on individual Person records).

Note: Deleting an AST from the drop list does not remove that AST from an individual Person record.

The last two utilities are used to change the Participation field within the AST records. You can choose to set “ALL” present participation to experience or you can choose to do this for just one person which is very handy in the case of a removed person.

  1. A backup is recommended prior to running this utility.
  2. To access the AST List Manager, click on Records, AST and List Manager. You can also find a button for the List Manager on the AST Grid.
  3. Choose the task, then hit Continue.
  4. For the “Participation” utilities, the List Manager will just ask you to confirm your request.
  5. For the List utilities, the List Manager will open a second window with additional steps.
  6. Choose whether your list is in Activities, Skills, or Training.
  7. If applicable, choose to see lists in use, lists not in use, or both.
  8. The next window will open where you can choose the specific list you want to work with.
  9. Click OK to confirm the results.
  10. Click close when you are finished.



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