Subgroups Security



The Security tab on the Subgroups window allows you to specify who can make use of any Subgroup on a case-by-case basis. Each Subgroup carries its own security settings and can be adjusted to control access based on a user’s module access or user ID. Only users with “Supervisor” access to all modules can access the Security tab.

When the Security tab is selected, you can set the security controls for whatever Subgroup is currently highlighted on the Subgroups tab.

Because Subgroups use information located throughout the program, ensuring that the information is secure is an important aspect of the Subgroups section.

Subgroups can be created or viewed using only modules for which a user already has access.


Here is how to set up Subgroup Security:

  1. Open the Membership, Attendance, or Contributions module and click on Subgroups.
  2. Highlight the Subgroup for which you want to set the permissions.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. You can choose to limit access based on whether a user has supervisor access to a certain module, or you can choose only specific users who can use the Subgroup.
  5. Once you are finished, click Save.



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