Finding a Record [Legacy]


Shepherd’s Staff includes some very helpful ways to quickly find a Person or Household record.

The main ways are:

» Using the global search from the toolbar

The Search for Households and People utility allows your staff to locate any Household or Person simply by entering a piece of information. This can be a very convenient way for your staff to access information as they are working with congregation members, by entering data displayed on returned/damaged mail, etc.

Partial information is sufficient for a basic search, which will give you a list of all Households and People records that contain that partial information.

Exact matches only: The utility will only match the identifying information exactly as it was keyed in.

Auto-Format phone number: This will automatically add the dashes in phone numbers.

If you need assistance with your search make sure to click the question mark button for help.

» Using the Find button on the Household and People Grids

The options within the Find window on the People and Household Grids works more like a filter. Any data you put in those options will filter the results within the People and Household Grids. Keep that in mind when you are trying to locate a record. Sometimes the easiest method is filtering by one or two options and then scanning the filtered results.



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  • I can't find this screen. Where is the Global Search Bar or the Find button?

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